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My TED Talk Experience

These past few weeks my classmates and I have been working on a “TED Talk” presentation, where we talk about subjects and why they are important.

My topic was scramjets. If you don’t know Scramjets are the most powerful type of jet engine in the world, going Mach 24 at maximum speed.

I’ll give you all a bit of a science talk about it.

Basically Scramjets are a super sonic engine developed by NASA to use for space missions. When I first found out about this I thought it was incredible. I did a lot of studying on it and found out it can be really useful, using 21x less fuel than the average airliner and it goes faster.

In the presentation I explained why we should utilize this, what affect it has on the planet, the benefits, the drawbacks, and many other things. I said my call to action should be utilizing scram jets more in public transport and in space flight. Continue reading My TED Talk Experience

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